5 Tips To Keep Your Car Glass Safe From Hail Storms

How To Keep Your Car Windows Safe -Hail Storms. Hail is no laughing matter, especially when it comes to auto glass breaking. 2018 has already had it’s share of hail storms breaking car windows and windshields throughout Texas and the US. This year is no different from any other, Hail Storms are always a potential More»

2017 SXSW Car Break-Ins & Burglary Begins!

Unfortunately for us all car break-ins & SXSW have become synonymous for local Austin residents. Well, it’s the start of SXSW 2017 and the auto-thefts have already begun. Austin Mobile Glass began receiving calls even before we opened this morning, Saturday March 11th 2017.           Car Window Replacement & SXSW “Our More»

How Does Auto Glass Keep You Safe?

The most important piece of glass on your vehicle in terms of safety is your front windshield. Your windshield is designed with a lot of technology to keep you safe and secure. As a matter of fact, your windshield is comprised of two pieces of glass that are put together with a piece of plastic More»

Tinting Options To Consider When Getting Your Vehicles Glass Replaced

If you’re getting the glass replaced on your vehicle, you definitely want to consider the actual tint that you are getting. One of the first things to consider when getting tinted glass replaced is where the glass is located on your vehicle. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are three primary More»

What Do You Do When Your Power Window Regulator Stops Working?

At Mobile Glass, we install more than just windows. We also install window regulators, if required, which enables you to move your window up and down. Prior to installing your regulator, we recommend purchasing the regulator kit from a reputable dealer. You will find that you have the opportunity to purchase this particular product online More»

What’s Included in Your Auto Glass Quote?

At Mobile Glass, when a quote is provided to a customer it includes everything that is necessary to complete your auto glass repair or windshield replacement in Austin or any other region we service. There are no additional or “surprise” fees when we show up or after the work is completed. Though it’s not surprising More»

4 Things to Watch For When Selecting an Auto Glass Company

One of the biggest complaints from consumers looking for an auto glass company is that the auto glass company gives a price and then doesn’t honor the price they have quoted. For example, what ends up happening is the client believes they are getting their auto glass repaired or replaced for a set price, but More»

How to Communicate Which Auto Glass Part is Broken

Quite often, it can be difficult for someone to communicate the specific auto glass part that is broken on their vehicle, so that the correct glass is selected for them. So, in this post, we’re going to share the key terminology to use to ensure that the right, um..er… “correct” glass is selected for your More»

What’s the Latest Technology in Auto Glass?

There have been a lot of recent enhancements when it comes to the technology and features available for windshield glass. A good example is rain sensor technology. With rain sensors, the wipers are fully automated and there is no need for the driver to control and manage the windshield wipers. As a matter of fact, More»

How Can I Get My Insurance Company to Pay For My Windshield?

We are often asked if your insurance company will pay for getting your windshield replaced. As a matter of fact, there are two ways to approach getting your insurance company to pay for your windshield replacement. The first way is to call your insurance company and have them provide a “preferred vendor” to perform the More»

Can Auto Glass Be Replaced on a Rainy Day?

If it is a mobile service that is being used to replace the glass, the windshield can be replaced if there is adequate cover. The reason why their needs to be some cover is because the old glass has to be removed, which means that the interior section of the car is exposed for 30 More»

Has Your Car Door Window Stopped Moving Up or Down?

If your car door window has stopped moving up or down, the problem may lie in what’s called the “regulator.” The regulator is a kit which consists of a cable that moves the window. Quite often, the cable gets jammed, which stops the window from moving freely. In other cases the actual motor is the More»