4 Things to Watch For When Selecting an Auto Glass Company

One of the biggest complaints from consumers looking for an auto glass company is that the auto glass company gives a price and then doesn’t honor the price they have quoted. For example, what ends up happening is the client believes they are getting their auto glass repaired or replaced for a set price, but during or at the end of the service, additional fees are added on. The reason this happens is the company giving the quote wants to entice the client into purchasing the service, so they try to make the upfront price as attractive as possible. Then, extra charges end up getting tacked on for additional parts beyond the actual glass itself. A quality auto glass company will provide the total cost upfront for a repair or windshield replacement in Forth Worth or any other region, so the client knows exactly what the service is going to cost them with no hidden charges.

The second most common complaint from clients of lack of promptness of the technician showing up for the appointment. While it is difficult to set an exact time for a particular service, since some jobs take longer than others, a range in time should be provided, such as between 9 am – 1 pm. Some companies will book a client in, even if they are completely booked, and agree to the customer’s time. They do this knowing they won’t be able to perform the repair or replacement at the agreed time. An auto glass company does this to get the client’s business without considering the impact on the client.

The third issue is cleanliness. Watch out for a technician who does not properly clean up after themselves when working on a vehicle. There is a lot of debris that comes from a new glass installation, such as glass, glue and other items. A quality technician ensures they have clean-up supplies, like a broom and a dustpan, to clean up after themselves. It is a courtesy to leave the working premises clean and orderly.

The final most common complaint is poor customer service. Not only should a client be greeted and treated well prior and during the installation, but afterward as well. At times, there are complaints that a client can’t get in touch with the technician that worked on their vehicle. The technician should, not only be responsive after the installation, but the client should receive a warranty they can rely on.

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