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This page is about Car Window Repair, not windshields. Generally, car window repair prices are subject to our hourly rate for labor (2-hour minimum with free mobile service). Depending on your particular vehicle, car window repairs can range from an hour to over three hours. This price doesn’t include parts that you could potentially require. Now, if your glass is broken and just needs to be replaced, that’s a different story. The best way to know for sure what your glass will cost is to get an auto glass quote using our instant quote form.

Maybe you’re looking to do it yourself and just need the glass? Our recommendation is to find out the cost of the glass and then make your purchase. Most car window repair companies will sell you the glass, but the price varies greatly depending on your year/make/model and which piece of glass you need. For more information, click on car window parts.

Car Window Repair Costs

We recommend calling around to get prices for the glass with installation first. Then ask how much for an install if you already have the glass. Once you’ve assessed the price of glass with installation and installation only, you can then determine the cost of your auto glass part. Then it’s up to your consumer (bartering) skills to get the glass for a good price. We could give you figures here, but wholesale auto glass can range from $18 to $1000. Yeah, it’s no use to talk about average prices when a fairly new BMW can be ten times the price of an older Chevy GEO Metro! For some models, price might not matter, because you simply can’t find the part—no matter how hard you look. Here are some quick links to car window repair prices:

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Car Window Repair or Replacement?

To repair or replace your car window? (we’re not talking about windshield chip repair, that’s completely different from Car Window Repair). Well, considering door glass is tempered glass and it shatters into a million pieces when it breaks, this is an easy decision! 99% of the time, car window repair is actually replacement. The repair will only refer to electric power windows. The door glass itself cannot be repaired, and besides being scratched or removing window tint, we can’t imagine a repair that doesn’t involve vacuuming up broken glass. So the choice is simple, let’s replace your car window. Window regulators can be repaired though, so let’s discuss them.

Power Window Repair (Window Regulator)

Repairing a window regulator will require some of the same steps as replacing a car window. Due to its popularity, we have developed a page to specifically discuss power window repair. We also have a section for DIY power window repair that is divided into three pages discussing the top three vehicle lines currently in production; BMW power window repair, Chevrolet power window repair and Toyota power window repair. Hopefully, this DIY section provides the answers you’ve been looking for about getting your window regulator replaced or repaired.

A Bit More About Car Windows

Cars are complicated machines; so are their windows. With so many parts like the window regulator, window elevator, window motor and door glass; there are plenty of things that can go wrong. That’s why it’s great to know there are true professionals in your area that can handle all your car glass and car window repair needs. Mobile Glass specializes in car window repair, car window installation and car window replacement. If you’re in need of car window repair because you have a crack, chip or scratch in your car window glass, we can help. Even if you have window tint, it’s not going to be an issue. Our repair experts are ready to deal with any car window issues. They’re expertly trained, use high quality OEM parts and are available around the clock. Sure, there are other car window repair companies serving your area, but many of the well-known companies are nationwide, they aren’t local guys and they can’t offer you the personal customer service that we pride ourselves on at Mobile Glass. If you’re in the area and have trouble with your car windows, keep your business local. Call Mobile Glass, we work hard to exceed your expectations. We have the best car window prices, car window repair experts, installers and new car windows in town!