Mobile Glass Warranty and Cancellation Policy

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Any credits are given toward future purchases at the sole desecration of management. A $99.99 service fee applies for all rescheduled appointments.

Cancellation Policy & Terms of Service

Mobile Glass services are by appointment only, regardless of where the work is performed (at one of our shops or at your location).  Mobile Glass appointments will only be scheduled if secured by a valid credit or debit card. This is a very strict policy as required parts are special ordered by the job and before we arrive to your location there’s a lot of work on our end; scheduling & dispatching, handling & preparing parts, driving from warehouse to your location.  Cancellations result in full charges without opportunity for discounts, coupons or special pricing. However, appointments may be rescheduled without a fee if the work order has not yet been dispatched.  Same-day appointments or rescheduling requests made within 24 of appointment time will require a $99.99 rescheduling fee.  Normally, our schedule is booked 3-5 days in advance and last minute cancellations result in lost sales.

Please be courteous, if you need to reschedule up to 24 hours prior to appointment please contact as soon as possible.  This way we both avoid unnecessary fees/losses.

Again, All last minute reschedule requests & cancellations will be charged the full sale price, which is not refundable. Customers can call to reschedule appointments and pay the rescheduling fee.  The rescheduling fee of $99.99 also applies if customers provide incorrect vehicle or part information OR we are unable to access, locate or work on the vehicle for any reason (including, but not limited to; racks, aftermarket attachments, lifted vehicles, body damage, or the vehicle is available at time of scheduled appointment). Mobile Glass works hard to ensure we arrive on time and keep all customers updated on installers arrival times; however, all scheduled appointments are approximations (default time-frames: morning 8a-2p or afternoon 1p-7p). Please allow sufficient time for installer to arrive.  Mobile Glass strives to stay on schedule as much as possible, however factors beyond our control can cause delays. Customers will not be charged if Mobile Glass fails to arrive within the specified time of scheduled appointment.  Also Mobile Glass will wait for vehicle to be available up to 30 minutes from the time we arrive at the location provided.  After 30 minutes we must leave so as to not miss our next appointment.

In short: Please have common courtesy and understand that if you make an appointment with us and bail at the last minute, you cost us money and therefore you’ll be charged.  We do our best to deliver our customers the best service at the lowest price. You can help us keep our prices low by simply being a caring consumer. Thank You!

Computer Aided Driving Systems & Forward Facing Cameras

If your Vehicle is equipped with a forward facing-camera and/or other computerized safety driver assistance systems it is your responsibility to have the vehicle inspected by the dealership for system evaluation and/or re-calibration after windshield replacement. This will ensure it is operating as designed after windshield replacement.

By ordering windshield replacement with Mobile Glass you acknowledge that after the windshield is replaced, the camera system, safety system or driver assistance system may not operate properly until it is recalibrated. You expressly indemnify Mobile Glass and our partners, employees and affiliates regarding any eventuality that may occur due the failure these systems.

You understand Mobile Glass is not authorized to evaluate, re-calibrate or otherwise ensure proper function of these systems. You must go to a dealership to have the camera system evaluated and/or re-calibrated you should not rely on the operation of the safety or driver assistance system. Mobile Glass recommends you should have the evaluation completed as soon as possible.

Currently (06/05/2017) -approximately 1/3 of windshields replaced by Mobile Glass have a forward facing camera as part of the computerized driving assistance system. Mobile Glass has not been made aware of any issues related theses systems after or due to windshield replacement/installation.

General Warranty Information

Acceptance of Work

It is your responsibility to inspect work prior to completion. Check for cleanliness and ensure everything appears to be satisfactory. Although Mobile Glass strives for perfection, mistakes do happen. The Mobile Glass Lifetime Warranty is here to help with those unforeseen or unknown issues; leaking, wind noise, loose mouldings or other issues related to the installation that may arise in the future. The Mobile Glass Lifetime Warranty does not cover issues that should be discovered during inspection -within reason. Mobile Glass is here to ensure you receive superior service and we’ll do our best to rectify any issue that you have before we leave. Again, aesthetic issues or issues related to improper cleanup must be addressed upon completion of work. If you are unable or unwilling to inspect the work properly prior to completion you are accepting the work as is.

How To Contact Us

For all warranty related issues, please notify Mobile Glass in person at one of our stores or by phone (toll-free at (800) 557-3078) so that we can provide you with an expedited repair or replacement of the defective part(s) or workmanship, without charge, at a MUTUALLY AGREED UPON time. Please note that all warranty work will be performed at one of our locations. Mobile service is not available for warranty work. In the event we are unable to satisfy your warranty, we will refund the original purchase price of your warranted product(s) and/or service(s).

Remember, in order to exercise your rights under this Warranty you MUST PROVIDE A COPY OF YOUR ORIGINAL MOBILE GLASS RECEIPT/INVOICE.

Warranty Exclusions

Aesthetic Issues

See: General Warranty Information>Acceptance of Work

Age of Vehicle

Mobile Glass expressly excludes any vehicles older than 15 years from any warranties. (ie in 2017 -any vehicle manufactured in 2002 or earlier) Any vehicle manufactured 15 years from date of service or sooner qualifies for full warranty unless Mobile Glass decides the condition of the vehicle is too poor to warranty.

Condition of Vehicle

Mobile Glass expressly excludes any vehicle in poor condition (rust, dents, collision, etc) from any warranties. Such damage or defect as it relates to glass being installed will void warranties. In such cases, customer will be notified prior to installation and an updated invoice with “NO WARRANTY” will be sent once customer agrees. If customer refuses work without warranty Mobile Glass will charge full sale price and *schedule installation at a mutually agreed date and time once repairs to damage have been completed. *$99.99 reschedule fee applies.

Purpose of Vehicle

Mobile Glass expressly excludes any vehicle used or driven off-road or for racing purposes from any warranties.

Aftermarket (Add-On) Parts & Equipment

Mobile Glass will not provide service for vehicles with aftermarket parts or equipment adjacent to service(s) provided (ie windshields with cameras, antennas, wires etc or back glass with racks, toolboxes, etc). We require all equipment to be removed prior to the beginning of work. In instances of discovering unknown aftermarket equipment, Mobile Glass will not be held liable for the condition, damage or re-installation of this equipment. Vehicles with lifted suspension and/or larger aftermarket tires will require additional labor charges and a rescheduling fee ($99.99) if this information is not provided during the scheduling process.

Installation Limited Warranty

Auto glass is warranted against defects in material and/or workmanship for as long as you own or lease the vehicle, as long as these defects are brought to the attention of Mobile Glass within 7 days of the discovery of a defect. Any third party repair work (self, shop, dealer, etc) on the or adjacent to your replacement part performed by anyone other than a Mobile Glass Technician voids the warranty. Truck sliding back glass is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 18 months from the date of installation as shown on the receipt. Mobile repair/replacement warranty work at your home or office is not offered for warranted work; all warranted work is performed at one of our locations.

Part Limitations & Exclusions

This warranty expressly excludes; noise, leaks, stress cracks, or similar damage for installations to any vehicles that have rust or damage on the pinch-weld. Mobile Glass attempts to advise customers of the existence of damage or rust prior to the removal of existing glass; however, normally this is not possible. In such cases, Mobile Glass is not responsible for damage or premature degradation of such work. Any damage not involving defective workmanship or materials is expressly excluded from coverage under this warranty. MOBILE GLASS, THE MANUFACTURER OR VENDOR WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. The exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages isn’t allowed in some states, therefore the preceding limitation or exclusion will not apply in such cases. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

Movable Glass Replacement & Regulators

Door glass, power sliding back glass and movable quarter glass are connected to a separate power window regulator and motor which facilitates their movement. Mobile Glass expressly excludes existing window regulators and motors from warranty unless those parts are replaced by Mobile Glass. The Mobile Glass warranty for these parts is limited to the glass and any attachments provided; clips, mouldings, encapsulation, etc unless otherwise stated within this warranty. All power window regulators and motors replaced by Mobile Glass which have a manufacturer warranty will have an installation warranty covered by Mobile Glass for a complimentary period. Dorman brand regulators which qualify for a manufacturer lifetime warranty will also have a Mobile Glass installation lifetime warranty (both part and labor for installation are covered indefinitely). Power sliding back glass or quarter glass assemblies which include the regulator and motor do not have a manufacturer warranty.

Windshield Repair – Crack & Chip Repair Warranty

(1) This type of work involves a process where special adhesives (resin) are injected into the damaged part of the glass (crack/chip). These repairs are not exact or successful 100% of the time. The degree of success of the repair is dependent on multiple factors including, but not limited to: severity, recency, moisture or foreign material in the damaged area, and temperature of the glass during repair. For best results have damaged glass repaired as quickly as possible, park the vehicle in a shaded area one hour prior to repair work and keep dirt and water away from affected area at least 6 hours prior to repair.

(2) Occasionally, the rock chip repair process can result in the chip or crack becoming larger, in such cases Mobile Glass cannot be held responsible for this damage. Please remember the windshield is broken and this is an attempt to extend the life of an already damaged part.

(3) If you are dissatisfied with the repair, we offer partial credit (50% of repair charges) towards a replacement windshield.  We do not offer refunds for repairs as the work has been completed and there is no guarantee broken glass can be fixed.

(4) Mobile Glass guarantees that the repaired portion of the windshield will not crack any further and that the repair will pass the State vehicle inspection, or we will credit 50% of repair charge the cost of repair toward replacement of the glass.

This warranty applies as long as you own or lease the vehicle and is not transferable.

Insurance & Billing

Mobile Glass does not process insurance claims. The customer is responsible for payment to us directly and can be reimbursed by their carrier. However, your insurance company or other 3rd party payer can submit payment in full prior to ordering parts and sending the technician. We do not order parts or send technicians without payment or a credit pre-authorization, as the work starts prior to our arrival at your location. We can not work directly with 3rd party payers or insurance companies to assist with your reimbursement, this includes; calls, email, text, fax or otherwise.

Mobile Glass provides pricing up front with all charges and fees so that you know the exact total cost prior to ordering service. We provide “lump sum” or a “single price for labor and parts” on your invoice/receipt. If you or a 3rd party wants a break down of parts and labor Mobile Glass will provide this information for a one time fee of $29.99 per invoice. Working with insurance companies can be extremely difficult and time consuming, hence our reason for not processing insurance claims. Our advice, remember you are their customer.