Santa Claus The Windshield Installer!

I’m betting you didn’t know that Santa Claus also installs windshields? That’s right folks, he can do both windshield repair and replacement. This is proof of just how ripped Santa gets in the off season while installing glass. This work is not for the faint of heart, but lucky for Mobile Glass we have some really great technicians. Santa Claus is just one of our windshield replacement sub-contractors, however he goes by CK or sometimes just The Kringlator. Chris picks up work from us to help pay the huge North Pole property tax bill -you can only imagine. He’s excellent with a cold knife and one of our fastest techs. He can work on luxury vehicles like Mercedes Benz, Land Rover or Lexus or maybe a commercial truck say a Frieghtliner, Transit or Econoline. However, Santa really likes to replace Ford F150’s and Silverados, Honda Accords & Civics or Toyota Camry. His favorite is, of course, the Hyundai Santa Fe 😉 Don’t be naughty and you just might get to see him for your next install. *Santa not available after Dec 22nd.


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