What Information Do You Need For Windshield Replacement?

  1. Location: Are you located or will the car be located in an area we service?
  2. Vehicle Year: Is the vehicle to be serviced a passenger or commercial (not Recreational) vehicle made during or after 2000?
  3. Vehicle Details: Do you know the Make, Model & Body-style or have the full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?
  4. Auto Glass Part: Driver’s side or Passenger’s side, Front or Rear, stationary or movable, clear or privacy tint, in the door or body?
  5. Auto Glass Features: (This one may be very difficult) Visit our Auto Glass Glossary or Windshield Features page to get more information on the wide variety of Auto Glass & Windshield options, features & attachments.
  6. Auto Glass Quality: Name Brand/OEM/Factory Part or OEE/Premium Aftermarket Part or even Standard Aftermarket Part?

At Mobile Glass, the first thing we determine is where you are located. This ensures that we can provide mobile windshield replacement at your location. Once we have determined that you are in the area that we service, we ask for the year, make, model, as well as the body style of your vehicle. We then ask which part needs to be replaced, as well as what options are required, including the color, attachments, heating elements, etc. This allows us to narrow down which glass and parts are needed in order to provide a quote. Then, it’s a matter of deciding what quality of glass you would like: OEM, American made or “premium aftermarket”, or an imported part or “standard aftermarket.”  Typically, OEM glass is the most expensive and imported glass is the least expensive. The price of the glass is also determined by how common the particular part is. For example, if you have a really unique vehicle that has an uncommon body style, then naturally the glass itself is going to cost a lot more than what a standard model would cost. Vehicles that utilize a lot of technology in the windshield, for example, will also cost more. For example, a windshield with rain sensor technology will cost more than a windshield without this technology. Currently, the average price for a basic windshield replacement is approximately $300. For a high-end installation, it could range between; $800-$2,000 and up!

Discussion (9)

  1. Aaron Caldwell

    Hi! I have a 2003 Volvo XC 90 that needs a new windshield. I live in Buda TX, what is the estimate for the replacement?


  2. I have a Georgie Boy RV. The windshield gasket has come apart but the windshield is still solid and intact. It does not leak. What can you do to help ensure it stays that way?

  3. I am in Austin, Texas.

  4. Got a chip in my windshield this morning on a 2012 Ford Escape. Quarter sized chip. Can I get a quote?

  5. 99 Corvette passenger side windshield shattered

  6. i have a 2017 lexus Gx 460. nothing too unusual about the windshield, except the tinting in/around the rear view mirror. it has cracked pretty badly and need a quote to replace.

    address: 3529 greenbrier dallas,texas 75225
    phone # 214-310-8014

  7. There is a small chip on the Windscreen. What will the cost be to repair this chip. We are situated in Irving TX. 75063.
    Awaiting your early reply.

  8. Austin Anderson

    Hello, I am looking for a quote to replace the passenger side quarterpanel on a 2002 Ford Focus 4-door station wagon. in the Colorado Springs area.

  9. Please contact before 1 pm.


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