2014-2018 Chevy Silverado Lane Departure Warning System

Chevrolet Silverado With Lane Departure Warning System

Windshield features such as LDWS are not “optional” so please double check to ensure you order the correct part for windshield replacement. 2014-2018 Chevrolet Silverado models have an option for Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Alert. This forward facing camera’s operation is adjustable and can be turned “off” or deactivated. This can make it difficult to know which part you require for windshield replacement. These features are also referred to as LDWS and FCA. They are becoming increasingly common and will soon be considered “standard” equipment.
This shows the difference between 2014-2018 Silverados with or without a forward facing camera for Lane Departure Warning/Forward Collision Alert
For more info directly from Chevrolet click here Chevrolet Silverado Lane Departure Warning.

Silverado Lane Departure Warning/Forward Collision Alert Video

This should be definitive help when requesting windshield replacement for your Silverado.


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