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Windshield Crack Repair

Windshield repair is generally the same for chips and cracks alike. If you’re looking for full windshield replacement click here, if you’re not sure if your windshield can be repaired or needs to be replaced click here. Most auto glass companies only offer simple windshield chip repair which covers rock chips, dings, divots, nicks, or anything smaller than a quarter in overall damage. Austin Mobile Glass offers both windshield crack and chip repair. We can even repair long cracks when it makes sense to do so vs replacing the glass. We offer mobile windshield repair on site to your location, home or office. Our office in North Austin is just that, an office not a repair shop. Our mobile coverage area includes Jonestown to Taylor, Manor To Kyle and everything in between. If you’re west of Austin in Lakeway or Marble Falls our Lake Travis Mobile Glass location off 620 can help you.

Preparing For Windshield Repair

  • Wait 12 hours after rain or any water on the windshield; car wash, sprinklers, etc
  • Place transparent tape over the area to avoid water getting in the crack (if necessary)
  • Park in the shade 1 hour before the appointment if it’s sunny
  • Keep windows open slightly to avoid the windshield from overheating
  • Allow enough room to fully open both doors
  • When parking in a large lot (work) use Google Maps to “drop a pin” for ease of locating your vehicle
  • *EXPECTATIONS* The glass will always be cracked, it will not completely disappear!


Windshield Repair in North Austin

Austin Mobile Glass is located just north of the Domain & Arboretum off of 183 between McNeil & Oak Knoll in the Anderson Mill area. That’s just our office, we provide mobile windshield repair in North Austin to your doorstep for free! Sure Brushy Creek, Cedar Park or Wells Branch are nearby, but we travel all over the Greater Austin area -even South Austin to Buda and further. Our prices are clear and up front, we never have hidden charges or surprises. Windshield repair is a different animal from replacement, make the right choice and leave it to the professionals!

Windshield Chip Repair Video Playlist

The Process of Windshield Chip Repair

phil-tip_54x80Here’s a detailed look of windshield chip repair. The process, parts, and materials as well as how it all works is explained in detail for your viewing pleasure! This work was real-world for a customer that requested same-day service. We were able to complete the work where the vehicle was located, in a parking garage.

  • Work Type: Mobile Windshield Chip Repair
  • Vehicle: 2014 Ford F150 4 Door Crew Cab
  • Work Location: Four Points (2222 & 620) North Austin, Texas 78726)
  • Break Type: Bulls-eye/Star Combination
  • Size: >1.0 inch / >2.54 cm
  • Impact Point: Driver’s Line-of-Sight
  • Total Repair Time: 35 minutes
  • Outcome: Success. Barely Visible

Repairing A Chipped Windshield

We generally repair any chip or cracked windshield up to 3 inches, however we do have the experience and technology to fix long cracks. It often makes more sense to choose windshield replacement if the damage to your windshield is too severe or in the driver’s line of sight. When the circumstances call for it we can assist with windshield crack repair which requires additional work to keep the crack from spreading further. Be advised this is an attempt to stop already damaged glass from spreading further, there is no way to bring it back to its original condition. Once cracked, your windshield will always have a crack. The repair process is simply filling the crack with a liquid resin (akin to glue) that will harden and hold the damage from getting worse. Filling in the glass crack will also greatly diminish the appearance of the impact point and cracks in many cases. If you are expecting the star break, chip or crack to magically disappear you’re looking for a new windshield.

Austin Mobile Glass; Making Cracked Glass A Laughing Matter

The heavy traffic and construction vehicles on the road can spell trouble for any windshield, but the new trend of smaller “micro” cars like Fiat, Smart and even Chevy’s Volt are at an even higher risk being so close to the ground. Rocks, stones and debris kicked up by cars and trucks cause millions of cracked windshields each year. Luckily, Austin is home to Austin Mobile Glass, arguably the best in glass!

Mobile Glass Staff in Austin Office Our commitment to serving the Austin community with unrivaled customer service means we have more (and more frequent) training, resources, patience, understanding and transparency regarding prices. Our management and customer service staff even participates in mandatory routine comedic improvisation training by the industries leading comedians. Spending money on auto glass can put anyone in a bad mood and we not only want to “turn that frown upside-down” we want you in stitches by end of your call! Good luck finding service that compares! More seriously, Austin Mobile Glass uses only high quality urethane for our windshield installations. Quality urethane is 2-8 times more expensive than the standard urethane used by our competitors, but our prices are often still lower. This is just another example of why Austin Mobile Glass should be your choice for all auto glass needs.

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