Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement is the most common auto glass service. When a windshield has been broken beyond repair (windshield repair) it will require an entirely new part. When this occurs the old windshield can be removed and a new windshield is installed. Windshields are designed specifically for each vehicle’s body-style and features combination. For instance a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado with Lane Departure Warning System windshield (Part# DW02041GTY) won’t fit on a 2010 Honda Civic Coupe. Actually, the DW02041GTY won’t even fit a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado without Lane Departure Warning System (Part# DW02040 GTY)! This means part cost and availability can vary greatly depending on your vehicle’s specific needs. In newer models the “features” related to windshield parts are critical when it comes time to replace. There are some new models that have dozens of unique windshields assigned to them, for instance the 2017 Jeep Cherokee has over 50 different windshields!

We’ve found that taking pictures of your current windshield can help avoid ordering the wrong part. Taking a few extra minutes upfront saves hours of lost time, hassle and expense!


Mobile Windshield Replacement

Mobile windshield replacement is a service that saves time and money by bringing the replacement to your location (home/office). As long as the weather permits, windshield replacement can be completed on-site where you currently are, even at a hotel or Wal-mart parking lot. Mobile Glass provides this convenient option at no additional cost, hence the “Mobile” in Mobile Glass.

Windshield Replacement Video

Windshield Replacement Costs

How do we calculate windshield replacement costs? To start with, let’s cover online (estimate) vs over the phone (exact cost).

Online Quotes
Please understand that online pricing is only a quote: an estimate of what your cost will be. As with all estimates, windshield costs aren’t always exact. Our automated tool can’t account for all variations of your part, like attachments (moldings, rain sensor kits, heat, light sensors, and electro-chromic mirror mounts). The quote also doesn’t account for all taxes or for your location. That’s the limitation of an automated system. Simply explained, if you have a common vehicle and live near a major U.S. city, then the price you receive will most likely be accurate, less tax and possibly moldings/attachments.

Phone/In-person Pricing (exact cost)
When you receive windshield replacement pricing from Mobile Glass over the phone you can rest assured the price will be exact including all associated fees and services. Mobile Glass always provides “out the door” pricing over the phone. We never add on additional cost when we arrive or attempt to “up sell” you. As we mentioned earlier, just be prepared to go over the details regarding the features your vehicle may or may not have.

What’s the average cost of windshield replacement?

Generally, windshield replacement cost at least $250-$300. However, some windshields do cost up to $2000-$3000. Because windshields prices vary drastically, you can only know for sure by getting a quote and confirming with our staff. We advise you to use the quote form and submit a request electronically. Then the helpful staff here at Mobile Glass can call you back with a confirmed cost and scheduling options.