Driving Your Car After a New Windshield is Installed

At Mobile Glass, we recommend that a vehicle with a newly replaced windshield should not be driven for a period of 24 hours. This allows ample time for the urethane to dry –  urethane being the primary bonding agent used to fuse the glass to your vehicle.

For those that simply can’t wait 24 hours, we recommend waiting at least one or two hours at the very least. During the first few hours, while the urethane is drying, we recommend closing the doors gently to reduce the internal air pressure from creating an air gap in the urethane. These gaps can result in an air or water leak in the future. If you need to access the vehicle during this first hour of curing time, we recommend rolling down your side windows slightly to minimize the air pressure prior to closing your doors.

For the urethane to be fully cured, it can take anywhere between 48 to 72 hours, but after 24 hours it will be stuck securely in place. It’s also important to understand that if the windshield is not given time to properly secure to the vehicle, there is also a safety issue. Should the vehicle become involved in a roll over accident, the glass may not hold, which emphasizes the importance of trying not to use the vehicle for at least 24 hours.

It’s important to also understand that the windshield glass is heavy and driving the vehicle during this curing stage can cause the glass to slide down because it is sitting on an angle. To help the glass secure itself in the right position after installation, tape is applied along the perimeter of the glass while the glue begins to cure.

How are stickers transferred from the old windshield to the new one?

Once we have removed the glass, it is relatively easy for us to remove the stickers on the windshield. This is achieved by heating up the glass in the area where your stickers are located. Once the glue on the sticker becomes tacky, we then carefully use a razor blade to remove the stickers so they are completely intact. Once the new windshield installation has been completed and the glass has been cleaned, then we ensure that all of the stickers that have been removed from the original glass are now put back on the newly installed glass.

Discussion (1)

  1. Get behind the morrir with a razor blade. Or you can heat the outside of the windshield of the glass where the morrir mounts with a mini torch and heat up the glue and pull it right off in your hand. Just don’t over heat the windshield or you will crack it.Good Luck


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