Has Your Car Door Window Stopped Moving Up or Down?

If your car door window has stopped moving up or down, the problem may lie in what’s called the “regulator.” The regulator is a kit which consists of a cable that moves the window. Quite often, the cable gets jammed, which stops the window from moving freely. In other cases the actual motor is the problem, but it is usually the regulator. To fix the problem, it’s simply a matter of replacing the regulator by purchasing a new regulator kit and having it installed in the door.

As a auto glass replacement and repair company, we often get calls from people who tell us that their window will go down, for example, but won’t go up, yet they can hear that the motor is operating. What’s important to keep in mind is that the motor and regulator are a one piece unit. It is for this reason that we simply recommend purchasing a regulator “assembly” kit from a local auto parts retailer. Once the kit is purchased, we assist by doing the actual installation.

The entire installation process takes about an hour and the labor cost is anywhere between $139.99 up to $239.99. The cost is largely determined by the make of the vehicle. The actual cost of the regulator kit can be as low as $50 or $60, or as high as $300 depending on the make and model of the car.

If you have a problem with your window, determining the actual problem can usually be done over the phone by one of our experts here at Mobile Glass. We ask for a description of what is happening when trying to operate the window. We ask what sounds are heard and how long ago the problem began. With this information, 90% of the time, we are able to accurately diagnose the problem.

Usually, the customer will indicate that the problem has only been occurring in the last day or two, as most people don’t like to leave this type of issue for a longer period of time. Many people say that their window is off track, while really it is the cable that is off track. Others will tell us that their door window is broken and has fallen inside the door and assume that they need new glass installed, which is typically not the reality of the situation. Usually, what has actually happened is the cable has simply snapped. As a result, there is nothing to hold the glass in place and it drops down inside the door.  This is a rather violent sounding occurrence which makes most customers believe the glass has shattered, though it has not.

The majority of time that there is an issue with the car door window, it is beyond repair and needs a new regulator kit. To fix this problem, we remove the old regulator kit, install the new kit and bolt the glass to the new regulator. Then, we complete the installation by hooking up the electronics, so it has its power and is good to go.


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