How Does Auto Glass Keep You Safe?

The most important piece of glass on your vehicle in terms of safety is your front windshield. Your windshield is designed with a lot of technology to keep you safe and secure. As a matter of fact, your windshield is comprised of two pieces of glass that are put together with a piece of plastic in between.

Some people are under the impression that if they were to get a crack in their windshield, it could literally cause the glass to fall in on them, which is not the case. Your windshield is incredibly resilient and it’s the plastic that prevents the glass from shattering.

There are some vehicles that also have the front side windows laminated, some Dodge, Mercedes and BMW models have this option.  Some models have laminated glass installed in the back windows as well. There aren’t any vehicles that include laminated windows throughout the vehicle, as this could potentially present a safety hazard. Why? Because, it would be very difficult for an occupant to escape from a vehicle that they are trapped in since they would not be able to break a window.

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The glass within the vehicle that is not laminated is always tempered glass. This type of glass shatters into a multitude of tiny pieces that is not likely to cut the occupants of the vehicle.

When it comes to laminated glass, there is sometimes an option available for an acoustic layer, which is best explained as simply being a heavier type plastic, compared to the standard type used for the basic laminated windshields. One of the benefits of this is for sound control within and outside the vehicle.

When getting a windshield replacement or a simple windshield repair, it’s important to keep in mind that OEM, premium aftermarket and standard aftermarket glass all hold up to the same specifications for both tempered and laminated glass.


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