Can Auto Glass Be Replaced on a Rainy Day?

If it is a mobile service that is being used to replace the glass, the windshield can be replaced if there is adequate cover. The reason why their needs to be some cover is because the old glass has to be removed, which means that the interior section of the car is exposed for 30 to 40 minutes. If there is a fully covered area that would protect the vehicle during this time, plus offer protection against the weather for the installers and their vehicle, the mobile service can be completed.

In regards to the rainy weather having an effect on the glue or urethane used to adhere the new glass, this type of weather is actually more beneficial. The glue actually dries much faster when moisture is present, but not direct water.

While working in the rain is an issue that can be dealt with, a windy day can pose some potential problems for the mobile installation. During the period of time that the interior of the vehicle is exposed, dust and debris can be blown in. Plus, the area where the glue is going to be used to adhere the new glass has to be clean. On a very windy day, dirt blowing into this area can create problems for the installers. Dust from wind gusts could intermingle with the glue, which in turn would prohibit a good seal. It takes precision to set a new windshield in place and gusty winds make this a difficult task.

Not only does the weather have to be taken into consideration for auto glass replacement or windshield replacement in Arlington, for example, but it has to be considered for repairs of glass chips or cracks as well. The moisture from the rain or debris from the wind could mix with the resin used for the repair. What ends up happening is the moisture or debris can end up being sealed within the crack. If this were to happen, the repair could discolor over a period of time.

In terms of the actual working area for the glass replacement or repair, it has to be a sheltered area that is, not only big enough for the vehicle being worked on and the technicians themselves, but also has to provide cover for at least the back of the technician’s vehicle. Auto glass installers have to rely on some very expensive equipment and tools to perform their jobs and these items must be protected from the elements as well. Lastly, there also has to be adequate space for these experts to set up a stand and assemble the new glass that is going to be installed.


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