2017 SXSW Car Break-Ins & Burglary Begins!

Unfortunately for us all car break-ins & SXSW have become synonymous for local Austin residents. Well, it’s the start of SXSW 2017 and the auto-thefts have already begun. Austin Mobile Glass began receiving calls even before we opened this morning, Saturday March 11th 2017.

Need car window replacement fast? Austin Mobile Glass is here to help!


Car Window Replacement & SXSW

“Our first calls were missed and came in before 7am”

explained Kristen Spelce, who works at Austin Mobile Glass part-time.

“I usually get into the office around 7:45am and normally I don’t take a call until after 9. People just don’t wake up as early on Saturdays so I’m used to the peace and quiet, but not this morning!”

On a more positive note: Kristen was also telling us she just opened her own body waxing business in Austin. She stated that the start of Spring Break and SXSW also leads to a lot more calls for Brazilian waxing in Austin.

2017 Vehicle Burglaries in Round Rock, Tx

Records indicate a rash of vehicle break-ins just north of Austin in Round Rock, Tx at a number of Hotels off I35 North, near Rudy’s BBQ. Apparently, the thieves didn’t waste anytime and took full advantage of the first night 2017 SXSW visitors staying in Austin area hotels. Austin Mobile Glass received calls for a plethora of broken car windows in Round Rock, almost all of them door glass. The callers were staying at Spring Hill Suites by Marriott Austin Round Rock, Sleep Inn & Suites Round Rock – Austin North and a few other area Hotels.

Car Windows Most Frequently Broken

“It’s almost always the front passenger’s side door glass they break. Either that or the front driver’s side. Whatever seems easiest for a ‘smash and grab’ style theft.”

Kristen told us.

“That’s the silver lining really, those parts tend to be both the cheapest and most readily available. This means we can almost always offer ‘same-day mobile car window replacement.”

She added. Those that aren’t so “lucky” end up with other, (more expensive and hard to find parts) being broken. ”

When they break something like a power-sliding back glass or a really small window that normally never breaks -I cringe!”

Say Kristen

“I just hate delivering bad news.”

That bad news she’s referring to is Austin Mobile Glass being unable to immediately help them. Everyone wants same-day replacement when their car door glass gets broken, especially with rain accompanying the start of SXSW this year. However, if the part isn’t available there’s nothing auto glass companies can do. Lucky for Austin Mobile Glass, today’s victims all drove more common vehicles; Ford F250, Ram 1500, Ford F150, Buick, Honda and a Lexus.

How To Avoid Auto Break-Ins

There is something you can do to reduce your chance of being a victim during this years SXSW festival. “It’s all about deterrents.Austin Mobile Glass‘ owner Norman Newsome told us. He added:

“There’s nothing anyone can do to stop it from happening. We’re all potential victims because glass breaks pretty easily. If someone really wants to get in, they will. That’s where we can be smart, don’t give them a reason. Make it difficult for them by parking in conspicuous, well-lit areas. Don’t leave anything that ‘looks’ like it’s of value. It might be an old bag or box with garbage in it, but to a thief it looks like it might be something good and they’ll take the chance.”

What’s even more puzzling is that most of the people that call claim that nothing was taken. These acts seem to be more of an issue of vandalism than theft. It seems sometimes the perpetrator just likes the thrill of doing something illegal. Or possibly, it’s that they were scared off. Either way, the end result is the need for auto glass replacement. Now that the 2017 SXSW car thefts have begun, we all need to be a bit more vigilant with where and how we park our vehicles.


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