How to Communicate Which Auto Glass Part is Broken

Quite often, it can be difficult for someone to communicate the specific auto glass part that is broken on their vehicle, so that the correct glass is selected for them. So, in this post, we’re going to share the key terminology to use to ensure that the right,… “correct” glass is selected for your vehicle.

Let’s start off with the basics to select the correct glass for your vehicle for auto glass repair or windshield replacement in Arlington or any other region. Instead of referring to the sides of your vehicle as the left or right side, we recommend referring to your vehicle as the driver’s side and passenger’s side. This description should apply to both the front and rear sections of your vehicle. Therefore, the terminology to use would be either the front or rear driver’s side, or front or rear passenger’s side.

The front piece of glass is identified as the windshield and the rear piece of glass, which is situated over the trunk or hatch, is referred to as the back glass opposite to the windshield. When it comes to some trucks or vans, however, it can get even more complicated. Sometimes, the back glass that is opposite to the windshield could be split glass or comprised of two separate pieces. In this case, you would refer to the glass as the back glass on the driver’s side or back glass on the passenger’s side.

So far, we have covered the main pieces of glass that are found on most vehicles, but on some vehicles there could also be quarter or vent glass that needs replacing. Quarter glass is the glass that you commonly find on extended vans that have multiple windows on the side, such as an Econoline or Chevy Express. However, quarter glass is any part on the side of the vehicle found in the body, not the door frame.  Many cars and all SUV’s have quarter glass. Vehicles that have multiple sections of glass can be further identified as rear quarter or front quarter glass, according to their location. For example, it could be passenger’s side-front quarter glass. Some quarter glass is called side glass. Typically, side glass is flat as opposed to having a curvature to it. Vent glass is the glass that is typically shaped like a triangle and is found in the door frame. Typically, you will find this glass between the windshield and front driver’s side or passenger’s side of the vehicle. There is also rear vent glass on some vehicles, which is referred to as rear driver’s side vent glass or rear passenger’s side vent glass.

We hope this helps. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below or call us!


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