What Do You Do When Your Power Window Regulator Stops Working?

At Mobile Glass, we install more than just windows. We also install window regulators, if required, which enables you to move your window up and down. Prior to installing your regulator, we recommend purchasing the regulator kit from a reputable dealer.

You will find that you have the opportunity to purchase this particular product online from suppliers on Ebay, Amazon or some other type of automotive parts supplier. While you may be able to purchase it at a great price, it’s not a wise idea to buy it this way.

Window regulator kits are precision parts that have to be compatible with your vehicle. If there is a flaw in the kit and the holes don’t match up properly between the regulator kit and your window, the kit is useless. The same applies to having a car window motor replacement in San Antonio or any other region. You want to ensure that you are getting a good quality part that you can rely on.

We typically recommend purchasing the regulator kit from a standard auto parts supplier that sells after-market parts. Suppliers such as Auto Zone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts and Napa Auto Parts are just a few examples. It is also wise to do some competitive shopping to compare costs, as they do vary.

The dealers mentioned above have the reputation for carrying quality parts. They are easy to deal with and provide warranties. If they don’t have the item in stock, they have access to a database of part carriers and can advise you as to who has it currently in stock. Within just a few hours, they can have the part sent over to your local retail parts dealer. Then, it’s just a matter of you having to go and pick it up.

Here at Mobile Glass, we support the duration of the warranty, so if it’s a five to seven year warranty and the part fails during this time, we don’t charge for labor to install the regulator kit a second time.

The appointment for the installation of the regulator will not be set up until you actually have the part, just in case a mistake occurred when you placed the order for the part. At Mobile Glass, we typically send out the installer to install the part for you on the same day you have received the needed part from the parts supplier.

The cost for the installation service can range anywhere from $139.99 and up depending on the model of the vehicle and the complexity of the technology. Having a new window regulator installed can be a quick and easy process when the purchase is made from the right supplier.

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  1. Paisley Atkins

    I’m interested in getting my power window fixed on my 2000 toyota sienna xle. Is a window regulator and a window motor 2 different parts that need to purchased for the repair? You guys mentioned a “regulator Kit”, what does that mean? I found a genuine toyota part, OEM Toyota part #69802-08010. Is that the kit?
    Thanks, P. Atkins

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