What’s Included in Your Auto Glass Quote?

At Mobile Glass, when a quote is provided to a customer, it includes everything that is necessary to complete your auto glass repair or windshield replacement in Austin or any other region we service. There are no additional fees when we show up. There are only two exceptions to this rule. First, if the information provided by the client is incorrect, it requires us to order a different or additional part—which we have to charge for. Second, if the previous work performed on the vehicle by another service provider creates difficulty in removing the molding to the point where the molding breaks, we would have to charge to replace the molding. This can happen in cases where a previous installer has glued the clips in place, rather than attaching new ones.

When getting a quote from an auto glass company, ensure that the price is indeed the final price. Many companies will only quote a base price, which only includes basic parts and labor. Then, additional charges are added on, such as mobile service and disposal fees. If you have stickers on your existing glass, ensure that the cost of transferring these stickers is included in your quote as well, as this is not normally included in the quote price.

Although standard urethane and glues are used, there may also be an option to use an upgraded version, which there is an additional cost for. The choice for this depends largely on your vehicle and the technology in the glass, such as infrared glass or embedded heated elements that require a different grade of adhesive.

Other additional costs that may be charged include the gel pad for the rain sensors or special clips that are required to hold the molding around the exterior or base of the windshield. When getting your quote, take the time to ask if all of these elements and services, such as disposal, are included.

If you have any questions, please comment below or call us. We are here to help.

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  2. Rudiger Bernard

    Need quote for Isuzu I-280 windshield replacement.

  3. 2015 Toyota Rav4 Rear Driver side window grey tint.

  4. Need quote for replacing broken windsheild

  5. I need to replacement my windshield for 2014 honda accord 4 door ex-l

  6. Danielle knotts


  7. Need a repair, have chipped glass from a rock. Little smaller then quarter size. Toyota Rav


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