The Most Common Windshield Warranty Issues

There are some common occurrences where a customer may have to make use of their auto glass replacement warranty. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for using your warranty and why your warranty is important for auto glass repair or windshield replacement in Fort Worth or any other region.

Wind Noise

At least seven out of ten calls that come into Mobile Glass regarding warranty claims are a result of wind noise that people are experiencing from their auto glass installation. The common cause of this noise is simply the small piece of tape used during the drying process to hold the new windshield in place. This tape should be left on for a few hours after the installation and then be removed. However, many people forget to remove the tape, which ends up creating wind noise. Another cause of this type of noise can be created by a slight gap in the urethane that is applied to the window during installation. In this case, it requires the installer to return and add more urethane to this particular spot.

Water Leak

If a water leak occurs, it typically happens during a rainfall or car wash. Again, this can happen simply because there is a gap in the urethane and can be easily rectified by a technician adding more urethane to the weak area where the leak is taking place. When a leak happens after an extended period of time, it is normally not related to the auto glass. Instead, it’s related to rain getting into the drain tubes of the vehicle, which are clogged up with debris, causing water to collect in the A/C box and spill over into the vehicle.

Molding Issue

On occasion, the molding does not stay in place when it has been reinstalled or replaced. The molding can come lose when the tape is removed because the molding is not exactly in the right position.


While the installers take every precaution to ensure that the client’s vehicle is not damaged, on occasion this can’t be avoided. For example, this could happen with a loose antennae or a rear view mirror. If Mobile Glass causes the damage, we cover the cost of the repair or replacement.

Warranty Coverage

In our standard auto glass and windshield installation warranty the main items covered include wind noise, water damage and molding issues—covering parts and the workmanship provided by our technicians. There are two types of warranties that we provide. One warranty applies to premium parts, such as OEM parts, which come with a lifetime warranty. The other warranty (standard warranty) is for after-market parts, which has a two-week limited warranty. Following this period, the warranty would only be applicable to a safety defect. Incidental and consequential damages are excluded from the warranties, which refers to damage created by someone else’s actions. For example, stone damage or damage created from a hit would not be included in the warranty.

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