Auto Glass Companies

At Mobile Glass we understand the cost of replacing auto glass can vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle or even from the windshield to a back window on the same model. Because of this, it’s hard to say exactly what your replacement will cost without gathering some key information: specifically the year, make, model, exact part requiring replacement and your zip code. We ask for your zip code because pricing and part availability does vary depending on metropolitan area.


Another bit of information worth mentioning regarding pricing is “options.” Twenty years ago this wasn’t much of an issue; only a few parts had options—most of which regarded the window defrosting system. However, today’s technology has given rise to a plethora of options for windshields, back glass, quarter glass and even door glass. Options like rain sensors, heat, light sensors, lamination, color, logos and electrochromic mirror mounts can greatly increase or lower the cost of your repair. Some options are just that, optional. If you don’t want a “Ford” logo imprinted on your windshield, you can choose the standard windshield and save yourself a lot of money!

Additionally, attachments such as moldings, rain sensor kits and certain clips may be necessary to replace your windshield or back window (four out of five vehicles will NOT need new attachments with a replacement). Normally, the price of these parts aren’t worth mentioning, as they range between $5-$15. However, in rare cases, attachments can be an additional $50 – $100+. When your replacement price doubles due to the cost of an attachment, it’s easy to become very upset—especially when you receive an online quote that doesn’t mention any of this!

Please note that automatic quote forms (like the one we use) have limitations—especially with regard to options and attachments (and taxes). These quote forms pull from a database controlled by a third party that stores pricing based on “national averages” and aren’t updated daily. For most auto glass parts the quote form is highly accurate and a great tool for our customers. However, in some instances the form can be completely inaccurate. If you have a luxury, rare or very new vehicle; it is best to check with our form and then call to confirm. Just remember it’s only an estimate!

What is OEM Auto Glass or OEM Glass?

First OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. If you weren’t aware, the manufacturing of a vehicle is not completed entirely by one company. Many of the components are built by other companies. All the companies that provide parts for the assembly of a vehicle are “Original Equipment Manufacturers.” This is no difference with regard to the glass provided for that vehicle. Auto glass manufacturers, like the logos above: Carlite, Sekurit Saint Gobain, Pilkington, PPG, Mopar and others; are often awarded the contracts to provide glass for new vehicles. This doesn’t mean that the glass provided by these companies, “OEM Glass,” is the only glass available for the vehicle. Once a new model is available many other companies begin producing auto glass parts for that same model at a discount. Because of the contract with the automotive manufacturer, the OEM part costs more, but may not be higher quality.

For instance, if Mopar and Pilkington produce glass for your vehicle and both are considered premium quality manufacturers, which is better? The OEM glass? Why? Because they got the contract? Not necessarily. As you can see, OEM is not the only indicator of a quality part. But, to the untrained, it’s the safest bet. Not all auto glass is considered equal. Auto glass has not been immune to the Chinese takeover of manufacturing. Over the last decade, the market has been flooded with very inexpensive Chinese aftermarket parts. As you can imagine, not all of these parts are equal to their American and German counterparts, not even to Mexican manufacturing. Some of the Chinese glass is complete garbage. Yes we said it. Some of this glass is no good. We won’t name which ones to stay away from (and we definitely can’t pronounce them), but we will say that it’s hit and miss.


To stay competitive, Mobile Glass, like all other auto glass companies—including the very largest companies—does use Chinese aftermarket parts. As a matter of fact, some of our largest competitors and suppliers buy glass from China and have their own logo stamped on it, making it appear to be manufactured by them, i.e., American made! So there might not be anyway for you (or us) to know exactly who made the part! However, there is an upside: warranty. Mobile Glass offers a warranty on all parts and installation, so if there is a defect that we don’t catch, just call us and we’ll make it right. If it’s a faulty part, the manufacturer will buy it back and the only cost is the time we all give up by the mishap. Now you know enough to make an informed decision on glass quality, but do we provide the service you require?

Mobile Glass delivers a variety of mobile auto glass repair and automotive windshield replacement services. Within this site, we introduce some of our services. For more information regarding a specific service, please follow the links or give us a call, we look forward to serving you.