Mobile Glass Coupons


2018 Discounts

Total overall discount is limited to $50 off. You can mix or match to get there, but feel free to participate in any way you prefer.

Feedback MUST be left on whatever website you originally found Mobile Glass. If you didn’t find us on Facebook or Yelp, than we don’t offer the rebate for feedback on those websites.

1 Minute Video Testimonial $40 OFF

2017 is here and you don’t want to start the new year with a busted windshield! So let’s get that windshield fixed! Wait, no one wants to spend money on auto glass.  To help you out Mobile Glass is offering $40 Off for a 1 minute or longer video testimonial.  That’s right, for all replacement services provided in 2017 we are offering to pay $40 for your HONEST video feedback. “Honesty” is the goal!

Guidelines For Video Submission

*We prefer to use “guidelines” rather than rules!  Let’s save the “rules” for the big foreign (multi-national) corporations like Safelite.  For us, being a small American owned & operated company we’re here for you.


  • Please include the vehicle, part and portion of work as it’s being done
  • Feel free to keep your personal information out of the video; name, plate, address, etc
  • Please no profane language or images, keep it PG!
  • Video can be shared online, but a copy must be shared with us with full rights and privileges for use and distribution
  • Methods for sharing file with us; google drive, drop box, email or any popular file sharing application
  • Feedback may (not must) include:
    • Reason For Service: What happened? Rock Chip, Break-in, Storm, Crazy Girlfriend!
    • How you found or heard about Mobile Glass
    • Service Provided: Repair or Replacement
    • Part: Windshield, Power Motor/Regulator, Door Glass, etc
    • Vehicle: Year/Make/Model/Body-style
    • Location: State, City, Neighborhood, Zip Code or “Meet me at (name) Park or (name) Shopping Center”
    • Date and Time of service
    • Your Experience
      • Scheduling: Time it took you to schedule, Did we answer your first call? Did you wait on hold?, Same-day appointment, Time-frame for appointment
      • Customer Service: Was the representative friendly, informative, easy to understand, helpful, empathetic?
      • Price: Was the price what you expected pay?  Was price provided accurately, up-front with all details and parts/services clearly explained (not “bait & switch)?
      • Technician: Was the technician professional in appearance and technical aptitude?  Did he call ahead to introduce himself and provide arrival time?  Did he explain the service(s) performed and offer information for proper care and upkeep?
      • Service/Parts: Was the service provided as expected?  Were the parts clean and function as designed?  Was the work area left clean and orderly?
      • Documentation/Warranty: Were you offered/provided with a warranty and receipt of services/parts purchased?
      • Loyalty: Are you likely to use our services in the future?  Would you refer Mobile Glass to friends or family?


Example of Customer Video Testimonial

This video is an example of a customer going above and beyond anything we would expect. Feel free to go all out but a simple video from your cell phone without editing is just fine.

$20 Photo Feedback -Before & After Photo

We now have a $20 discount by adding picture feedback. Just add a photo of your broken glass and then the newly install glass from Mobile Glass and bamm!!! $20 in your pocket.

$10 “Refer A Friend” Offer

As a customer of Mobile Glass you can save $10 off your service just by referring a friend.  Refer a friend that’s schedules service within 3 weeks of your service date and we’ll put $10 back on your credit/debit card.  It’s that simple.  Help spread the word about our awesome company and make sure they reference you when they call and save!

*offers are good for any replacement service, not valid for repairs