What Is A Windshield Condensation Sensor?

Today we had another customer in Austin, Texas whose windshield replacement required her to answer whether or not her vehicle was equipped with a condensation sensor. This is becoming an increasingly common occurrence.

Windshield Condensation Sensor

What’s the big deal?

  • 1. Buying a new car: What makes this troubling is that the technology options available on new cars ARE NOT listed on the sales sticker or anywhere on the sales information from the dealer or place of purchase.
  • 2. Dealership Service & Parts don’t know anything (definitely not what/where/how regarding your condensation sensor): Most would then think: “Call the Dealership Service or Parts Department, they’ll know exactly.” -WRONG. I’ve yet to talk to anyone at any dealer that can provide information regarding the options on a car, specifically the windshield other than cost and availability.
  • 3. We’re the auto glass experts, we should know what you need!: We do. We can 100% figure out exactly what you need by a combination of bits of information.
  • A. Year, Make, Model & Body-style
  • B. VIN # (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • C. A picture of the part you need replaced. This is the MOST IMPORTANT piece to the puzzle.

By sharing an image of your vehicle, specifically the glass you want to replace, we can identify exactly what options are equipped and needed. Be sure to look at our example pictures to understand what and where your Condensation Sensor is.Condensation Senor Located On Inside of Windshield

For your information; most sensors (including the condensation sensors) are located near your rear-view mirror on the inside of the vehicle, attached to the inside of the glass as seen in the photos on this page.

Windshield WITHOUT Condensation Sensor

Discussion (1)

  1. the whole windshield will have to be relepcad most of the time you can go to a junk yard and buy one but you have to know how to take it out yourself and buy a window installation kit and have to know how to put it in without breaking it yourself but if you dont know none of this and you have no one that can lend a friend a hand and help then you will have to call a specialist to do the job


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