Tesla Windshield Repair

2017 Tesla Model S (Black)

We finally had the privilege to provide mobile windshield repair for a 2017 Tesla Model S in Austin, Tx. This Tesla windshield repair wasn’t too much of a challenge, the crack was about 2.5 inches across -not too big, but not tiny either. The Model S was purchased new only 3 months earlier so replacing the windshield just didn’t make sense. Besides, windshield cracks or chips can often be repaired leaving little to be noticed. We took our time on this repair as well as all precautions and best practices. Here’s our list of windshield repair precautions or “Windshield Repair Tips” to ensure your repair comes out looking great (nearly unnoticeable).

Professional Windshield Repair Tips:

  • No water on windshield 12 hours before repair. If it’s raining, wait. If you washed it today, wait.
  • If it’s going to rain place transparent (Scotch) tape over the impact points
  • Park in the shade, no direct sunlight 2 hours before repair
  • If in extreme heat or direct sunlight roll down windows a couple hours before repair
  • Repair as soon as possible, don’t wait.
  • USE PROFESSIONALS! Not a “do it yourself” type of repair

Cracked Tesla Windshield Before Repair

Tesla Windshield Repair Video

Windshield Repair Best Practices

Pit Resin Bottle for Windshield Repair Now that you’ve done your part, leave it to a real windshield repair professional. If you’re driving a new 2017 Tesla or any vehicle you really care about then you want the job done right. No one can guarantee the repair will work, windshield repair is an attempt to fix existing damage. We can stop the damage from getting worse, but we can’t travel back in time or perform magic. The cracks in the glass will never disappear, we only fill them with the resin (aka liquid glass) which makes the crack much less noticeable. What makes a windshield repair technician a true “Professional?” Tools, materials, techniques all backed by someone with experience who truly cares about doing the job right. Here’s a list of “best practices” that you can use to judge whether your technician is a true pro. And who wants anything less than that? I mean really, do it right, choose Mobile Glass!

Windshield Repair Best Practices:

  • Experience they can prove. Reviews, videos, pictures (with watermark) that are public and verifiable.
  • Filler Resins; they should have a variety of filler resins; common, long crack, extreme heat/cold
  • Pit Resin. If they don’t have or use pit resin after the crack is filled, they’re doing it wrong
  • Pit Polish. Using polish on the pit resin as a last step ensures even less visibility. Only the best use this
  • Clean up. A true professional windshield repair technician will clean up the area and your entire windshield once finished. Is it part of the job? Mobile Glass thinks so.

2017 Tesla Model S Windshield Repair Pics


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