Steps to Getting Your Windshield Replaced

When getting your windshield repaired or replaced, the first step we take is to give you a quote. To provide a quote for windshield replacement, we need THIS: the year, make, and model of the vehicle, which window is required, as well as what options you have for that glass, such as a rain sensor and finally what quality of part you prefer. We walk you through the windshield replacement process to make it as easy as possible, while ensuring that you get the right windshield for your vehicle.

Once you agree to having the service performed, such as a windshield replacement, we then schedule a time and place to perform the installation. Here at Mobile Glass, we provide a mobile service, so we provide a certain time frame that we will be at your location at, such as between 10 to 3pm. Each glass replacement is different, so the timing to complete your replacement cannot be exact. On average it takes about 60 minutes to perform the installation.

We ask the client to park the vehicle in a shaded area, if possible, with the windows slightly rolled down, especially in hot weather. This makes it far more comfortable for the installer to perform his duties. We ask for enough working space around the vehicle so we can open both side doors, so we can perform the new installation. If it is raining, we ask for a sheltered area for both your vehicle as well as our technician’s vehicle. This ensures that all of your parts and our technicians tools are kept dry.

We ask for your vehicle to be unlocked and ready for the technician to begin work on it when he arrives. Once the installation has been completed, we give you the opportunity to inspect the job and sign a receipt to ensure that you are happy with the replacement. If glue is used during the installation, we advise you to leave the windows down slightly and close the doors gently to avoid creating air pressure inside the vehicle. Also, in this case where glue has been used, we recommend not using a car wash for 48 hours.

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