The Difference Between OEM and After Market Glass

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass is simply glass made by the company that was given the contract from the vehicle manufacturer. This does not mean, in many cases, that the glass itself is of a higher standard or quality.

In most cases, the contract that is given from the car manufacturer to the OEM company is for all of the glass for the vehicle. There are times, however, where the contract is limited to the windshield or other glass only. In this case, a vehicle could have more than one OEM manufacturer. In addition, various plants throughout the country that are producing a particular make of vehicle may use different OEM contractors.

After market glass really doesn’t have any significant differences compared to the OEM when produced in America. However, glass produced overseas is normally lower quality, so it’s vital to ask where the glass is made.

With respect to cost, the OEM glass will likely be two to three times more expensive than after market glass made overseas in China. In most cases, the OEM American made glass is about double the price of aftermarket glass made in America.

At Mobile Glass, we use all three types – The OEM, the American aftermarket, and the overseas aftermarket – per your request.

As far as safety is concerned, it’s important to mention that glass manufactured in China does indeed meet American safety specifications, but the glass may not exceed these standards like the OEM and American produced glass does.


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