Austin Mobile Glass on Local News KXAN

Yesterday we had the privilege to assist Amanda Dugan with KXAN Austin regarding the uptick in damaged windshields due to the construction work on Mopac. Below is the video of that report. We’ll update this post shortly with more details. Full article: Mopac Construction causing more windshield repair issues. KXAN Report with Austin Mobile Glass-Video

Jeep Windshield Repair

Jeep windshield repair saves owners from replacement and expense. Jeep windshields with smaller cracks and chips can be repaired instead of replaced. Generally any Jeep windshield with crack less than 3-4″‘s can be repaired. We provided mobile windshield repair at your home or office, you know “windshield repair near me.” The process itself usually takes More»

Nissan Windshield Replacement

Today we provided windshield replacement for an awesome customer just north of Austin, Tx in Round Rock, Tx (78664). The service was Nissan windshield replacement, specifically a “2012 Nissan Armada.” She called in on Friday for a quote and subsequently scheduled mobile windshield replacement at their location for today (Monday). From the very beginning she More»

Tesla Windshield Repair

We finally had the privilege to provide mobile windshield repair for a 2017 Tesla Model S in Austin, Tx. This Tesla windshield repair wasn’t too much of a challenge, the crack was about 2.5 inches across -not too big, but not tiny either. The Model S was purchased new only 3 months earlier so replacing More»

2017 SXSW Car Break-Ins & Burglary Begins!

Unfortunately for us all car break-ins & SXSW have become synonymous for local Austin residents. Well, it’s the start of SXSW 2017 and the auto-thefts have already begun. Austin Mobile Glass began receiving calls even before we opened this morning, Saturday March 11th 2017.           Car Window Replacement & SXSW “Our More»

What Are The Black Dots On My Windshield?

Ever wonder what those black dots are at the top center of your windshield? You know, that dot-matrix pattern that drops down around the rear-view mirror. Heck, there’s even some of those dots extending around the entire edge of some windshields. Mobile Glass has become somewhat of an authority of on this subject. See our More»

Steps to Getting Your Windshield Replaced

When getting your windshield repaired or replaced, the first step we take is to give you a quote. To provide a quote for windshield replacement, we need THIS: the year, make, and model of the vehicle, which window is required, as well as what options you have for that glass, such as a rain sensor More»

How Does Auto Glass Keep You Safe?

The most important piece of glass on your vehicle in terms of safety is your front windshield. Your windshield is designed with a lot of technology to keep you safe and secure. As a matter of fact, your windshield is comprised of two pieces of glass that are put together with a piece of plastic More»

Tinting Options To Consider When Getting Your Vehicles Glass Replaced

If you’re getting the glass replaced on your vehicle, you definitely want to consider the actual tint that you are getting. One of the first things to consider when getting tinted glass replaced is where the glass is located on your vehicle. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are three primary More»

What Information Do You Need For Windshield Replacement?

Location: Are you located or will the car be located in an area we service? Vehicle Year: Is the vehicle to be serviced a passenger or commercial (not Recreational) vehicle made during or after 2000? Vehicle Details: Do you know the Make, Model & Body-style or have the full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)? Auto Glass More»

Can My Windshield Be Repaired or Will It Have to Be Replaced?

The first thing that we consider when determining if a vehicle requires a windshield replacement or chip repair is how extensive the damage is. Typically, we say that if the chip or crack in the glass is smaller than the size of a quarter, it can be repaired. Cracks that are substantial such as three More»

Mobile Auto Glass Repair in Cedar Park, Texas

If you have trouble playing the video try this; Cedar Park Auto Glass Repair Video on Youtube. Cedar Park knows that broken auto glass, especially door windows can be fixed at their location with Cedar Park Mobile Glass. Don’t use a plastic bag to cover up your car’s window, get it fixed right, right now! More»