Auto Glass Replacement in San Antonio (Cibolo -78108)

Audi A6 Auto Glass Replacement in San Antonio

Today we’re talking about auto glass replacement in San Antonio, Texas.  To be more specific, we are in the suburb of Cibolo, Tx 78108 replacing a windshieldThis post is important to YOU, even if you don’t drive an Audi!  Today, most cars are produced with Safety Equipment or Technology Assistance in the form of Lane Departure Warning and/or Blind Spot Assistance. Most Manufacturer’s have Trade Mark names, or their own branded names for these technologies.  Even if your vehicle doesn’t have this technology it will likely be an option that affects which auto glass part is required for your next windshield replacement.  Understanding what these technology are, how they work, and what to look for can expedite your quote and help eliminate costly mistakes.  In this post we will discuss the difference between Audi’s “Side Assist” & Audi’s “Lane Assist” which for Audi, is two very different safety technology systems.

Audi Windshields -How To, Lane Departure Warning vs Blind Spot Warning

First let’s reference two great resources for identifying specifically Audi’s Lane Assist and Audi’s Side Assist Systems.


After watching these videos you should have an understanding of what these technologies are, but not necessarily how to identify the physical equipment on your vehicle and how it relates to your glass.

How to Identify Lane Departure Warning System Camera On Your Vehicle’s Windshield

Our example auto glass replacement in Cibolo is for a new windshield on a 2014 Audi A6.  Audi is different than other Makes, in that they have completely separated the Lane Departure Warning System and Blind Spot Warning System.  While I cannot definitely list all Makes & Models safety technology idiosyncrasies, I can say that often these two technologies are packaged together.  Meaning, if you don’t drive an Audi you may find that if you have one of these features, you have both.

Audi’s Active Lane Assist or Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

The LDWS affects windshield replacement.  Why?  LDWS’s are focused on objects in front of your car and have front mounted camera(s) often on the inside surface of the glass of the windshield near the rear-view mirror mount and if equipped, the rain sensor.

Audi’s Side Assist or Blind Spot Warning System

Blind Spot Warning Systems are focused on rear blind spots which require cameras located on/near the side mirrors and don’t directly affect auto glass replacement.

Seeing Is Believing in Cibolo Last Week

This post relates to our glass replacement in San Antonio where, upon arrival, we found that the customer’s vehicle had Blind Spot Warning, but not LDWS.  This resulted in us having to reschedule the replacement due to us bringing the wrong windshield.  This is good for you because we took pictures of both the broken windshield with no lane departure warning camera and the new replacement glass with an area for the Lane Departure Warning camera.  Here’s the physical difference between the two:

Audi A6 Windshield Replacement in San Antonio (Cibolo, Tx 78108). This Windshield has "Audi Side Assist" (known as Blind Spot Warning).

This is an Audi A6 Windshield Replacement in San Antonio (Cibolo, Tx 78108). This Windshield has “Audi Side Assist” (known as Blind Spot Warning) but no “Audi Lane Assist” (known as Lane Departure Warning System).Windshield With Lane Departure

New Audi A6 windshield glass with triaglular area for lane departure warning camera.

Here is a new 2014 Audi A6 Windshield with Audi’s Lane Assist or Lane Departure Warning System. Notice the triangle area near the mirror bracket that is for the camera. The small circle below is for the rain sensor.











Hope This Helps Your Next Auto Glass Replacement in San Antonio or Anywhere

Thanks for reading our post.  Sharing is caring and that definitely applies to knowledge!  Whether you need windshield replacement in Cibolo or any other auto glass in the San Antonio area or really anywhere in the US or abroad this post should help.  If you have any questions/comments feel free to call us or leave a comment below.

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