Windshield Crack Repair

Mobile Glass classifies a windshield crack as a large windshield chip. Any chip over one-inch in length is considered a crack, however the crack must be over three-inches to qualify for “windshield crack” pricing. The type of crack is determined by its size: most cracks fall into the three- to six-inch length range; anything smaller is considered a chip; anything larger is considered a long crack. Cracks start as small, at times almost unnoticed, chips or begin as cracks from the moment the impact takes place. However, not every crack is the result of an impact to the windshield. Some begin due to stresses on the glass from the vehicle’s moving frame. At times an improperly installed windshield can actually add undue stress on the glass—eventually causing it to crack along the edge which is usually hidden by the molding. If your crack goes to the edge of the glass, maybe the first question you should ask yourself is “do I still have the receipt from my last windshield installation?” Hopefully, you not only have your receipt, but also the company you used warranties their work—like Mobile Glass does. Now, regardless of the cause of windshield cracks, the good news is most can be repaired. The process of repairing a crack is very similar to a rock chip repair, however it demands more time and a higher level of skill from the repairman. If you do have a crack that extends to the edge of the glass, the likelihood doubles that it will spread at some point in the future. Most cracks that extend to the edge of the glass are long cracks.

Long Crack Repair

Windshield cracks spanning over six-inches long are long cracks. Repairing long cracks is completed in much the same manner as a normal crack, they just take more time and more filler materials (resin). Because the lion’s share of expense in repairing cracked windshields is labor, long cracks may not always make sense to repair. Most long cracks can take up to an hour to repair properly (lesser companies will do them faster with less care). Considering the rate for auto glass repairment, you can easily see how fast this work exceeds the cost of a new windshield. Mobile Glass definitely recommends against repairing long cracks and does our best to encourage replacing windshields with this amount of damage. Remember, the windshield is one of the most important safety devices of your vehicle. But what if your windshield crack is not only small, but under three-inches in length? This would be a chip.

Windshield Chip Repair

Windshield chip repair is discussed in detail on our windshield chip repair page. Generally, they are small cracks, bullseyes and half moons caused by an impact to your windshield. Chips are the most common form of damage to windshields. Auto glass companies highly encourage having these repairs done ASAP, not only are they successfully remedied nearly 100% of the time, but are often covered completely by your auto insurance policy. Thinking about a do-it-yourself windshield chip repair? That’s an option you have, but is it worth the risk and time involved?