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Chicago Windshield Repair

Chicago, IL

In a large city like Chicago the choice of windshield repair services is quite wide. But not all provide the level of service that customers expect for their money. Mobile Glass is an exception, we not only you offer your affordable auto glass solutions but also give you your money's worth with our quality repairs. We make the servicing process convenient for you with our mobile repair service, serving all locations in the Chicago, IL area. Here is a sample of some of the locations we serve:

  • Joliet
  • Glenwood
  • Merrillville
  • Orland Park
  • Tinley Park
  • South Holland and many more.

  • Windshield Chip Repair

    A chip is a very small windshield crack that measures less than .5 inches. Over its lifetime, your vehicle's windshield develops chips as a result of flying debris, hail and falling tree limbs. Unfortunately, however careful you are, windshield chips are unavoidable. Getting a quick chip repair when you spot minor dings in your windshields is a smart decision. If left unattended, chips can develop into larger cracks, affecting your windshield's appearance as well as its longevity. You will then be left with no choice but to get a complete windshield replacement. These repairs are quite different from car window repair which is discussed in more detail here.

    Mobile Glass offers effectively, affordable and mobile windshield repair solutions. We use the rock chip repair process to fix the chips in your windshield quickly. It involves injecting special adhesives into the affected areas of the glass. It is the best and most convenient way to repair your windshield chips, and restore its looks and longevity.

    As good of a repair place as we are, don't forget one thing: repairs can't be done on wet or moist surfaces! The damaged area must be dirt free. If rain is expected, then take a piece of scotch tape and place it on top the crack. This will help you keep a dry windshield where needed until a repair can be made. Also note that if you have had a crack or a rock chip fixed before, it isn't possible to add any more resin into a crack that's already filled with liquid auto glass. Therefore, repairs can only be done once on one glass chip.

    Rock chips in Chicago are always around these days. The bustling city leaves us with neighborhoods constantly under repairs. These areas are prone to small rocks and thus cause problems on our roads: a sure hazard for windshields that pass by! Chicago Mobile Glass will come to you today and repair your windshield chip for free if you have insurance, so if it happens to you, don't worry. If you don't have auto insurance, in that case auto glass repairs in Chicago are very reasonably priced. Give us a ring now before your chip becomes an even more problematic crack!

    Did you know that your car might not pass state inspection with a cracked window? The skilled, trained Chicago Mobile Glass car windshield repair workers use the highest quality windshield repair kits and machinery to provide every repair without mistakes. Our company has been in this line of work for quite a bit, and one thing is our number one advice: don't try to save a couple of pennies on your equipment and service! Our employees work hard to both prevent the crack and fill it with liquid glass so that it will hold properly and seal the affected space correctly.

    Our company's windshield repair tools can add up to just $100-$300 per kit. These amazing kits really do WORK: they use the industry's top state-of-the-art approach: they're not cheap fillers. We are proud to be so precise with our service that we know your pebble cracks will not spread further for the life of your vehicle, or we'll repair it at no additional cost and credit you for a free replacement! Want to know more? For more info, please see our warranty.

    Windshield Crack Repair

    Windshield cracks are chips that measure over 1 inch in length. To qualify for a windshield crack repair pricing at Mobile Glass, the chip in your vehicle's windshield should measure more than 3 inches long. Repairing cracks is more effort and time intensive. It is a job best handled by expert technicians at Mobile Glass. We have the expertise, training and tools to fix windshield cracks carefully, without causing any structural damage to the windshield. Remember, cracks longer than 6 inches in length should probably be candidates for windshield replacement.

    Windshield crack repair is much more difficult to fix than a simple chip fix, but it can be done! In Chicago, cracks can spread faster than in other cities across the state. Interested to find out why that is? High temperature.

    In the summer, Chicago can get to be a hot town! Extreme temperatures and rapid changes in temperature may cause the window to expand and contract. This small movement can crack a windshield by changing the crystals of the glass and make a crack go across your front or back windshield in a matter of seconds. Nonetheless, repairs can be carried out throughout almost any day of the week, anywhere in the town.

    Such cracks are always sensitive for glass workers, so to prevent them from getting larger over time you must treat them right away. The majority of cracked windows can be done in less than 50 minutes. Keep in mind, Mobile Glass promises all windshield crack corrections completed by us will never ruin your glass any more than it was before!

    All our Chicago windshield repair services are offered with a warranty against material and workmanship defects.

    If you have the need for an emergency windshield rock chip repair, windshield leak repair or crack repair, get your vehicle serviced at your home or office. We are just one phone call away- book an appointment with a Mobile Glass technician today and benefit from same day service in the greater Chicago area.